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Elastomeric Impression Materials

Impression Materials

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What is Elastomeric Impression Materials?


Elastomeric impression materials are basically synthetic rubber based materials which were initially called as rubber impression materials but currently they are known as non-aqueous elastomeric impression materials. There are 4 groups of elastomers; polysulfide, condensation silicone, addition silicone and polyether.


Each differs in their setting mechanism and their physical and chemical properties. It offers high elastic recovery and acceptable flexibility on removal of the impression from the mouth. Recently, new elastomeric impression materials with very high elastic recovery and high tear strength have been introduced. They are supplied in two components, a base plate and a catalyst plate; that are mixed before making impressions. They are often formulated in several consistencies, including extra low, low, medium, heavy, and putty, in increasing order of filler content. It is used to fabricate gypsum models, casts, and dies that involve some major steps like; preparing a tray, managing tissue, preparing the material, making an impression, removing the impression, preparing stone casts and dies.


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