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Polishing Equipment

Air Polisher
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Teeth Polishing Equipment


The colour of the teeth is of particular cosmetic importance to a large number of people who seek dental treatment to improve their appearance. Teeth Polishing helps to achieve this by removing stains from the enamel surfaces of the teeth.


There are various techniques used for tooth polishing and air polishing is one of them. In air polishing technique, a controlled stream of air, water and sodium bicarbonate, passes through a mixing nozzle to allow polishing of the enamel of the tooth. Sodium bicarbonate is a mild polishing agent. The main benefit of air polishing is how quick it is. It is also very versatile. You can use it as a post-scale polish, on patients with extrinsic stains, and in preparation prior to sealant placement or etching procedures. It has many advantages such as Less abrasive, More comfortable for patient, faster, Less physical exertion, Less repetitive strain injuries, Superior for orthodontic bands, More effective stain removal, No heat generated, Less sensitivity, Easier access, No significant changes in cementum or enamel.


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