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Caries Detector

Caries Detector
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What is Caries Detector?


Historically, it was believed that the only way to manage dental caries was through restorative intervention or extraction of teeth. Modern caries management has evolved from a surgical approach to a noninvasive/preventive or disease management approach. Along with the traditional caries lesion detection methods such as radiographs, air, and visual clues, new technology is available to help clinicians locate carious lesions in time to arrest and reverse the disease.


Caries detection devices aim to overcome the limits of traditional diagnostic methods and can help identify caries at an earlier stage. Most products employ the use of light, while others employ electrical signals to detect caries. All of the devices discussed are noninvasive. Although it is the dentist who makes the dental caries diagnosis, the dental hygienist will perform a thorough assessment of the individual's oral health within the dental hygiene process of care.


There are many opportunities for dental hygienists to use caries detecting devices. Most often, caries detection devices are used for evaluating a visually suspicious area on a tooth. They can be used to evaluate enamel structure prior to sealant placement, and some early caries detection devices can also be used to check the sealant margins over time. The technology allows clinicians to provide individualized patient care. The patients' level of involvement with their treatment plans increases as they are shown visual images of their teeth.


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