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Caries Detector
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Air Polisher
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Bleaching Unit
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utocleaning & ...
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Dental Air Polisher with ...
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Cultura Incubator

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Air Polishing Unit
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Pulp Tester
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Clinical Micromotor
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Shop for Miscellaneous Dental Equipment on IndiaSupply

There are variety of equipment that can be grouped as dental miscellaneous equipment like: Loupes & Magnifiers, Bleaching equipment, Lubricating Equipment, Polishing Equipment, Caries detector. Dental loupes aid dentists, hygienists, and dental therapists to devise accurate diagnose of oral conditions and enhance surgical precision when completing treatment. Additionally, loupes can improve dentists' posture which can decrease occupational strain. Bleaching and whitening units are used by the dentist to treat patients seeking aesthetic correction.

Over the past two decades, tooth whitening or bleaching has become one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments. Tooth bleaching is one of the most conservative and cost effective dental treatments to improve or enhance a person’s smile. Caries detection devices aim to overcome the limits of traditional diagnostic methods and can help identify caries at an earlier stage. Most products employ the use of light, while others employ electrical signals to detect caries. All of the devices discussed are non-invasive. Although it is the dentist who makes the dental caries diagnosis, the dental hygienist will perform a thorough assessment of the individual's oral health within the dental hygiene process of care.

At IndiaSupply, Brands that deal in Miscellaneous equipment are Allure, Bestodent, Ivocla Vivadent, DentAmerica, Skanray, Unicorn Denmart and much more. We offer dental chairs & accessories from top manufacturers.

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