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Digital Sensors

Digital Sensor
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Image plate scanner
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Digital Dental Detector
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Digita Sensor
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Digital Sensors
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History of Digital Sensor

When digital dental radiography was first introduced in the late 1980s, conventional X-rays had been used for almost a century. Over the years, the radiograph expanded the dentist’s investigative capacity in many ways; it was possible to confirm health, or to detect disease, in many previously invisible areas of concern to the profession including coronally, pariapically, and periodontally. Visual access, complemented by radiographic interpretation, provided a comprehensive environment for earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Functionality of Digital Sensor

In digital sensors the image is stored pixels, which are the smallest controllable elements of a picture on the screen. The RVG sensor is placed in the portion of the oral cavity which requires investigation. Once the sensor is exposed to x-rays, it captures the radiographic image. This image has to be converted into a numeric form i.e digital, so that it can be read by the computer. This process is termed as Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC). There are two steps in ADC namely Sampling and Quanitzation. By these two steps small range of voltage values are grouped as a single value, assigned a number and a corresponding shade of gray. The final image is displayed on the computer screen within a matter of seconds.

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