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Barbed Broaches

Dental Cutting Instrument

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Barbed Broach

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Dental Instrument – Barded Broaches

Barbed broaches are newly developed dental instrument made of a diamond cross section bar. It is more flexible and has sharper blades with non-cutting tip. This instrument is used inside the canal. It is a short handled instrument with a shaft having projections directed obliquely towards the handle. It is made of stainless steel, and used for pulp extirpation, and removal of necrotic tooth debris inside the canal. It can be used to remove cotton and paper points from the canal. It is used in straight parts of the canal and inserted freely (by using the suitable size) to the 2/3 of the pulp canal; otherwise, fracture of the instrument may occur.

The barbed broach is an extirpating, not an enlarging, instrument. The barbed broach is formed from a tapered round shaft by lifting up portions of metal of the shaft almost at a right angle to the shaft. These elevated barbs will engage the pulp tissue and remove it from the canal.

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