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Latex Examination Gloves
Latex Examination Gloves

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What is Dental Gloves?

Dental care provider depends on medical gloves to protect them and their patients against blood and other fluids that can spread infectious diseases. Since many dental procedures involve direct contact with blood and saliva, selecting right gloves is a critical decision for dental professionals. Glove selection is dependent upon practitioner needs and wants as well the criteria used by a practice or facility.

Latex gloves have long been the preferred gloves, because it provides excellent barrier protection, comfort and fit and it is inexpensive. The single most important criterion in glove selection is barrier protection. Strength, fit, comfort, tactile sensitivity, ease of donning, and the ability to stretch, remain soft, conform to the hand, and enable the wearer to grip things are the other important requirements. Failure to provide any of these properties could compromise a glove’s barrier performance. It is, therefore, important that dental professionals understand the nature of each glove material and its ability to provide effective barrier protection. The commonly available medical gloves are made from NRL, vinyl, nitrile, and polychloroprene.

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